GO NOW FLORIDA COURIER is a local courier and delivery service providing pick-up within the hour at your location, of anything from an envelope with a single document to pallets, crates, or boxes for immediate personal delivery to anywhere within the state of Florida and connecting for delivery worldwide.  Our local connection to major roadways and office in Jensen Beach, adjacent to Route 1,  allows to us to provide immediate pick-up anywhere on The Treasure Coast and beyond.
Our local couriers/drivers are screened, insured, and bonded so “YOU” can be assured your delivery is properly secured and cared for from pick-up to recipient signature.  GO NOW FLORIDA COURIER is Veteran Owned and Operated by Jensen Beach resident Rick Jones. Every driver is personally selected by Rick, to insure the courier is right for both of us.  We operate on a “Demand Basis” wherein “YOU” the client call us and we send a dedicated courier/driver to “YOU” to pick-up whatever you are sending to someone and that driver makes the delivery.
We provide a service for “YOU”.  Why do you need GO NOW FLORIDA COURIER?. Top 5 reasons: (1) Item needs to be delivered NOW and “YOU” can’t take the time internally to do it. (2) Going to a place you don’t know or are worried about the security in the area. (3) Client on other end (or being billed) is paying the cost of getting it there NOW. (4) Big two shippers do next day only and at an unreasonable cost. (5) If you send your own driver with a delivery they are most likely not covered by your insurance or theirs, as almost all policies exclude delivery for work-related issues, You, and or your company (and personally liable) could lose everything and not be covered.
We are not some 800- company operating a telephone marketing service that takes your call and then has to call around to find a courier company in your area to make the pick-up and delivery.   Of course you pay for the middle man and pay for the courier and do not know who is actually making the delivery.  Be careful of scam delivery operations and the like.  We are local and Chamber of Commerce members of both Martin and Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerces.
When you call GO NOW FLORIDA COURIER you are talking to the company that is doing the whole transaction from beginning to end.  We take the information from you, dispatch the driver/courier, pick-up the item, and the same driver 99.9% of the time actually delivers the item to the recipient and insures your request for delivery is completed usually within hours.  Remember, we are insured and bonded, if you deliver something yourself, and something happens you are not likely covered for ANY loss that may occur.  Please, be safe and use GO NOW FLORIDA COURIER  Phone: 772-466-6935

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